Donation Options

There are the many meaningful ways you can make a charitable gift to support the at-risk individuals in our community. You can make an unrestricted donation that allows JVS to use the gift immediately to address pressing needs, or give a deferred gift for use at a later date, which may provide tax and other benefits. View our GuideStar profile »

Gift Options

Below are a number of giving options to consider when you are planning to make your next gift. Some gifts qualify for membership in our Legacy Society. For questions or to learn more about making donations to JVS, contact Sandy Schuster, chief development officer, at or (248) 233-4290.

  • Direct Donation: Write a check to JVS or donate online to maximize your charitable deduction while offering immediate benefits to JVS
  • Tributes and memorials: Making a donation in honor or memory of someone is a wonderful way to remember someone special. Make an online gift »
  • Endowment Fund: With a gift of $10,000 or more, you can create and name a fund to benefit a specific JVS program or service. Only interest made by the fund is spent, which provides an ongoing source of funds to benefit JVS.
  • Real Estate: A donation of eligible property is another way to support JVS.  Real estate assets may be donated providing tax benefits to the donor and have the potential, in some cases, to provide a lifetime stream of income.
  • Life Insurance: Through a new policy, donors can fund their future gift to JVS from income instead of capital. You can also opt to make JVS a beneficiary of a paid policy whose coverage you no longer need for heirs or life changes.
  • Retirement Plans: The balance of your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to JVS instead of to your heirs who will be taxed at a higher rate. Gifts of an employee retirement plan, IRA or tax-sheltered annuity are examples of what you may have in your portfolio. Read more about estate planning »
  • Closely-Held Stock: A donation of closely-held stock provides a way for you to make a sizeable gift to JVS and also realize substantial tax benefits. Stock transfer instructions »
  • Appreciated Securities: The IRS allows you one of its most significant tax breaks for gifts of appreciated securities.
  • Charitable bequest or remainder trusts: You can make JVS a beneficiary of your will or living trust by designating a specific amount of funds or a portion of your estate go to JVS. Sample bequest language »