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WORDS OF WISDOM Video Information

You've undoubtedly learned some valuable lessons on your path to success. Inspire our job seekers with your best advice, a story, maybe even a failure that turned out to be not so bad. Sponsors may choose to highlight their company and your relationship with Strictly Business.

Create a short video with your words of wisdom to be featured on our Strictly Business website. It's easy to upload a video from your phone:

(Note: please keep it to 30 seconds or less and video in the horizontal/landscape format)

  1. Open this message on your phone.
  2. Click this link:
  3. You will see a screen that says “Strictly Business WORDS OF WISDOM.”
  4. Click “choose files” (your video doesn’t have to be created yet.)
  5. Choose “Take Photo or Video.”
  6. Record your video message — make sure it is in the horizontal/landscape format, up to 30 secs
  7. Start with your name and company.
  8. Choose “Use Video,” or “retake” to do it again.
  9. Once you’ve chosen your video, enter your First Name, Last Name and email address.
  10. Choose “upload.”

You’re all set! We'll "see" you at our virtual Strictly Business!