JVS vans transport roughly 150 individuals to and from job and service sites every day. These transportation services are a vital component in creating equity and opportunity for our communities served.

Each year, JVS needs to replace five to six vans as they expire in order to maintain efficient and reliable service for our participants. Without transportation, these individuals risk losing their employment, their connections in the community, and their ability to remain self-supporting.

In lieu of tickets to a large luncheon this year, Strictly Business AdVANtage sponsors supported our campaign to add these essential vans to our fleet. Their gracious contributions have made a tremendous impact on the people we serve in a direct and tangible way, while providing individuals from all backgrounds and abilities with a deeper sense of purpose and hope.

Thanks again to our 2021 AdVANtage sponsors for helping people get to work!




Strictly Business Committee

David DeVine, Butzel Long
Richard Shapack, Shapack Law Group
Buck Baker
Todd Burwick
Josh Eichenhorn
Beth Gotthelf
Kristen Gross
John Kessler
Ed Lippincott
Jared Rosenbaum
Sherry Shanbom
Michael Weil